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If your idea of a Martial Arts club is a place with a strict old Master and students standing in lines roboticly drilling and chanting words, struggling through pain, you will be pleasantly surprised by the training at J1 Jiujitsu - we don't do that. That kind of training suits some people sure but for most of us it is hardly an attractive or inviting image.


  • We don't charge you large amounts of money to learn mystical secrets
  • We don't have contracts for you to sign commiting you to pay us for minimum periods of time
  • We don't make you break your own finger on the first night of training to test your spirit and see if you're tough enough to train with us
  • We won't swear you to secrecy and make you take oaths of allegiance to an underground brotherhood of warriors
  • You don't need permission to speak or be forced to stand at attention for hours - this is not the army.
  • You don't need to be worried about missing some lessons when you have something else on, hey we realise that you have a life and Jujutsu will still be there for you when you come back.


J1 Jiujitsu is a modern Jujutsu system currently operating 3 clubs in Auckland. Instead of a formal or extreme form of training. J1 Jiujitsu is best suited to realistic normal people, who want to learn practical self protection skills, perhaps enjoys a little bit of competition (but that is not compulsory), enjoy the social aspects of training with other people, and who want to be treated as a humanbeings rather than a customer or a slave. We have a safety first policy : we want you to be able to get out of bed the day after training and live your life.


The two clubs are in Albany and at Holland House in Penrose


J1/Evolution Jiujitsu on Auckland's Northshore offers classes for kids and adults and was established in 2009.


J1/Kaizen Jiujitsu in Onehunga, Auckland offers adult classes since 2010 and kids classes since 2012. In 2018 this club moved to Holland House in Penrose.


A third club originally based in Waimauku opened in 2013 and then moving to Kumeu before eventually merging with the Albany club in 2017 was called J1/Kamakura.


J1 is not Brazilian Jiujitsu or MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). If you want to become a star of the octagon then this is the wrong place to go. Our main focus is self-protection but we also do Sport in the form of Freefighting (with strikes) and Grappling  (without strikes).

Jujutsu is an effective form of self defense combining striking, clinching, takedowns, joint locks, chokes and strangles and groundwork. We would like to invite you to have a look through our website. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. If you are interested in giving J1 Jiujitsu a go please contact us to book in a trial session.


Current Timetable


Please note our preference is that you book in a first lesson, as there are some classes that are not suitable for beginners.



J1/Evolution (Albany branch)


Kids - Tue 5.30pm (every second week). Su 10.00am

Colts - Thu 5.30pm, Su 10.45am

Adults - Tue + Thu 6.30pm , Su 12.00


J1/Kaizen (Holland House - Penrose)

Kids - Mon 5.15pm (group1) , 5.45pm (group2)

Adults - Monday 6.30pm

J1 Jiujitsu instructors comply with the NZJJF code of conduct.