J1 Jiujitsu was formed by Head Instructor Christiaan Buijsers in April 2009 with the opening of J1/Evolution at Kyu Shin Do Aikido Dojo in Albany, Auckland.


What started with Kids classes quickly grew with Adult classes in July 2009 and regular expansion of the timetable.

J1/Kaizen Jiujitsu opened in 2010 at the Onehunga Community Centre .


In 2009 Carl Morey was the first student to be graded at J1/Evolution. Carl was a foundation member of the Adults class and work opportunities meant he would need to return to his native Australia and so he was given an Batsugan grading for his Yellow Belt, fighting 8 opponents one after the other without rest.


In November 2010 "Hacksaw" Brett Celliers was awarded his Orange belt via Batsugan at J1/Evolution, the first for the club.


In March 2012 Ryan Mears was awarded his Green belt via Technical grading at J1/Evolution, the first for the club.


The first Grading at J1/Kaizen Jiujitsu was Joshua Abbott, earning his Yellow Belt in July 2011.


Carl Morey was our first adult member to win a Gold Medal in any open competition at the Hamilton Freefighting tournament in 2009.


In July 2010 we held our first King of the Mat competition. Loosely based on the popular Royal Rumble Wrestling concept fighters draw a number ouf the hat and that becomes the fight order. You remain while you win and the last man (or woman) standing becomes the King of the Mat. This competition will be a feature of every July at J1 Jiujitsu.


In December 2011 we held our first J1 Jiujitsu awards. This will be an annual event at the end of the year to recognise achievements over the year. This event was also a celebration of Christiaan's having completed 1000 hours of teaching at J1 Jiujitsu.


In June 2012 J1/Kaizen commenced Kids Jiujitsu classes in Onehunga.


In September 2013 J1/Kamakura in Waimauku opened.


In September 2013 Ryan Mears was awarded his Blue Belt via Technical grading at J1/Evolution, the first for the club.


In October 2013 Christiaan Buijsers was awarded his Black Belt (NIdan) by Shihan Sten Olivecrona of Olivecrona Jiujitsu, in Dunedin.

In February 2014 Christiaan Buijsers became a New Zealand Jujitsu Federation registered Black Belt (he is also a NZJJF certified Instructor C2 -since 2007, and NZJJF certified referee R2-since 2008).


In March 2014 the club ratified Will Fielding's Black Belt (NIdan) from the UK. He had been training at the club as a white belt for a couple of years before this.


In June 2014 the club introduced it's new Sport Jiujitsu Black Belt programme.


In December 2014 Grant Liu was awarded a Special Award in the 2014 J1 Awards - he is a foundation member of the club and our first kids Orange Belt. At this point he has been a member of our kids class for 5.5 years and has missed very few classes during this time.


In December 2014 Ryan Mears was awarded his Purple Belt via Technical grading at J1/Evolution, the first for the club.


In June 2015 Wouter DuToit was awarded his Yellow Belt via Technical grading at J1/Evolution, together with his sons Nathan and Tayo, the DuToit family now has 3 members of the family graded in J1 Jiujitsu.


In July 2015 Nathan DuToit was awarded his full Adult Orange belt, via Batsugan our first student to make the full transition from our Junior syllabus to our Adult syllabus.


In September 2015, on his 6 year anniversary of joining the club, Alex Ianovski was awarded our first Grey Belt award. The Grey Belt represents a grade between Green Belt and Black Belt for those on our Recreational or Combative (rather than Traditional) pathways.


In December 2015, Ryan Mears was awarded his Brown Belt  which he held for approximately 50 minutes of a Batsugan before being awarded his Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt), the first home grown Black Belt at the club.


In July 2016 we launched our new Sport Jiujitsu Black Belt programme.


In 2017 we launched a new Sports Jiujitsu programme for kids, combining performances between the kids tournaments together using a points system and placing the best students into Bronze, Silver and Gold levels at the end of the season.



In January 2016, J1 Kamakura group previously training at Waimauku Memorial Hall moved to operate as part of the programme offered at Kumeu Gym.


In May 2016, Simon Capes was awarded his Yellow Belt at J1 Jiujitsu, 29 years after he last held that grade in Jiujitsu.


In June 2017 Josephine Davidson was our first member at J1 Kamakura (Initially based in Waimauku but now based out of the Kumeu Gym) group to successfully complete a grading.


In April 2018 Allen Coates was awarded his Yellow Belt and then Orange Belt in the same grading. This was a one-off situation. Allen already holds a Black Belt grade in a similar Martial Arts system.


In May 2018 Greg Wong was awarded his Shodan Black Belt. Unfortunately due to medical reasons Greg has had to retire from active training, but continues to be involved in J1 Jiujitsu in social, coaching and supporting roles.


In July 2018 the J1/Kaizen group moved from Onehunga Community Centre to Holland House in Penrose.


Grading History

J1/Evolution Jiujitsu (* signifies Batsugan, ** signifies Dual Grading, # RPL)

Nov-2009 Carl Morey - L5 Yellow Belt (1)*

Feb-2010 James Crossley - L5 Yellow Belt (2)

Mar-2010 Matthew "Dr Death" Neve - L5 Yellow Belt (3)

Apr-2010 "Hacksaw" Brett Celliers - L5 Yellow Belt (4)

May-2010 Mathew Barnfather - L5 Yellow Belt (5)

Jun-2010 Alex Ianovski - L5 Yellow Belt(6)

Aug-2010 Ben Fleetwood - L5 Yellow Belt(7)

Aug-2010 Ryan Mears - L5 Yellow Belt(8)

Aug-2010 Chantelle Buysers-Dean - L5 Yellow Belt(9)

Sep-2010 Max Tang -L2 Yellow Belt(10)

Oct-2010 Sebastian Buysers-Dean - L2 Yellow Belt (11)

Nov-2010 "Hacksaw" Brett Celliers - L6 Orange Belt(1)*

Nov-2011 Matthew Vittle - L5 Yellow Belt(12)

Mar-2011 Callum Brown - L5 Yellow Belt (13)*

Apr-2011 Ryan Mears - L6 Orange Belt(2)

May-2011 Mat Barnfather - L6 Orange Belt(3)

Jul-2011 Simon Fox - L5 Yellow Belt (14)

Jul-2011 James Crossley - L6 Orange Belt (4)

Aug-2011 Alex Ianovski - L6 Orange Belt (5)

Nov-2011 Ben Fleetwood - L6 Orange Belt (6)

Nov-2011 Grant Liu - L2 Yellow Belt (16)

Dec-2011 Eric Wong - L2 Yellow Belt(17)

Mar-2012 Ryan Mears - K4/L7 Green Belt (1)

Sep-2012 George Ianovski - L5 Yellow Belt(18)*

Oct-2012 Simon Fox- L6 Orange Belt (9)**

Dec-2012 Mat Barnfather - K4/L7 Green Belt (2)

May-2013 Jordan Williams - L2 Yellow Belt (21)

Jun-2013 Ruby Wangford - L2 Yellow Belt (22)

Jun-2013 Ethan Sheldon - L2 Yellow Belt (23)

Sep-2013 Ryan Mears - K3/L8 Blue Belt (1)

Oct-2013 Mei Hong Yong - L5 Yellow Belt (24)*

Dec-2013 Nathan du Toit - L2 Yellow Belt (25)*

Dec-2013 Christopher Buysers - L1 Yellow Belt (27)*

Dec-2013 Nick Herd - L5 Yellow Belt (28)*

Dec-2013 Pete "Hogan" Hodkinson - L8 Blue Belt (2)*

Mar-2014 Ben Fleetwood - K4/L7 Green Belt (4)

Mar-2014 Greg Harper - L5 Yellow Belt (30)

Mar-2014 Alex Ianovski - L7 Green Belt (5)*

Apr-2014 Juno Wangford - L1 Yellow Belt (31)*

Apr-2014 Tayo DuToit - L1 Yellow Belt (32)*

Jun-2014 Grant Liu - L3 Orange Belt (11)*

Jun-2014 Kathy Fung - L5 Yellow Belt (34)*

Jul-2014 Karl Dorreen - L10 Brown Belt(1)#

Oct-2014 Nathan DuToit - L3 Orange Belt (12)

Oct-2014 Rafi Headifen - L1 Yellow Belt (37)*

Dec-2014 Ethan Sheldon - L3 Orange Belt (15)*

Dec-2014 Ryan Mears - L9/K2 Purple Belt(1)

Feb-2015 Rielly Matrix - L1 Yellow Belt (40)*

Feb-2015 Ruby Wangford - L3 Orange Belt (16)*

Mar-2015 Ben Tan - L1 Yellow Belt (41)*

Jun-2015 Wouter DuToit - L5 Yellow Belt(42)**

Jun-2015 Nigel Flack - L5 Yellow Belt(43)**

Jun-2015 Willem van Rijk - L10 Brown Belt(2)#

Jul-2015 Nathan DuToit - L6 Orange Belt (12)*

Sep-2015 Alex Ianovski - L8 Grey Belt (1)

Sep-2015 James MacKay - L5 Yellow Belt(44)

Sep-2015 Mat Barnfather - L8 Blue Belt (4)

Sep-2015 Ben Fleetwood - L8 Blue Belt (5)

Oct-2015 Juno Wangford - L2 Yellow Belt (31A)

Dec-2015 Ryan Mears - L10/K1 Brown Belt (3)

Dec-2015 Ryan Mears - D1 Black Belt (1)

May-2016 Simon Capes - L5 Yellow Belt (46)

Nov-2016 Julie Severin - L5 Yellow Belt (47)

Dec-2016 Wouter DuToit - L6 Orange Belt(17)

Dec-2016 Nathan DuToit - L7 Green Belt(7)

Dec-2016 Ben Tan - L2 Yellow Belt (41A)

Dec-2016 Grant Liu - L4 Orange Belt (11A)

Dec-2016 Ethan Sheldon - L4 Orange Belt (15A)

Dec-2016 Andrew McPherson - L1 Yellow Belt (48)

Dec-2016 Valera Shcherbakov - L0 Advanced White Belt (3)

May-2017 Damien Sheldon - L0 Advanced White Belt (4)

Jun-2017 Thomas Bryant - L1 Yellow Belt (49)

Jul-2017 Malcolm Ashmore - L5 Yellow Belt (51)

Aug-2017 Simon Capes - L6 Orange Belt (18)

Aug-2017 Julie Severin - L6 Orange Belt (19)

Sep-2017 Ben Tan - L3 Orange Belt (20)

Apr-2018 Allan Coates -L5 Yellow Belt (53)

Apr-2018 Allan Coates - L6 Orange Belt (21)

May-2018 Greg Wong - D1 Black Belt (2)


J1/Kaizen Jiujitsu (* signifies Batsugan, ** signifies Dual Grading, # RPL)

Jul-2011 Joshua Abbott - L5 Yellow Belt(15)

May-2012 Joshua Abbott - L6 Orange Belt (7)

Sep-2012 Peter Aye - L5 Yellow Belt(19)**

Sep-2012 Joseph Lindsay - L5 Yellow Belt(20)**

Oct-2012 Greg Wong - L6 Orange Belt (8)**

Nov-2013 Greg Wong - K4/L7 Green Belt (3)

Dec-2013 Darren Bass - L5 Yellow Belt (26)

Dec-2013 Wayne Knox - L5 Yellow Belt (29)

Apr-2014 Tyler Buysers - L1 Yellow Belt (33)*

Aprl-2014 Paul McNiff - L6 Orange Belt (10)#

Jul-2014 Jessyna Sinisa - L1 Yellow Belt (35)

Sep-2014 David Bentham - L5 Yellow Belt (36)

Oct-2014 James Day - L6 Orange Belt(13)#

Dec-2014 Lauren Barker - L5 Yellow Belt (38)#

Dec-2014 Toby Barker - L6 Orange Belt (14)#

Dec-2014 Nicola Austin - L5 Yellow Belt (39)

Dec-2014 Greg Wong - L8/K3 Blue Belt (3)

Mar-2015 Paul McNiff - L7 Green Belt(6)

Apr-2016 Leon Nicholson - L1 Yellow Belt (45)

Oct-2016 William Yandall - L0 Advanced White Belt (1)

Oct-2016 Greg Wong - L9/K2 Purple Belt (2)

Dec-2016 Troy Wilson - L0 Advanced White Belt (2)

Jul-2017 Ali Wedgwood - L0 Advanced White Belt (5)

Oct-2017 Alex Fokin - L0 Advanced White Belt(6)

Nov-2017 Amy Logan- L0 Advanced White Belt(7)

Feb-2018 Jonathan Barber - L5 Yellow Belt(52)

Mar-2018 Eva Kelly - L0 Advanced White Belt(8)

Apr-2018 Sophie Logan - L0 Advanced White Belt(9)

J1/Kamakura Jiujitsu (* signifies Batsugan, ** signifies Dual Grading, # RPL)

Jun-2017 Josephine Davidson - L5 Yellow Belt (50)


Instructor Licence

Sep-2013 Ryan Mears - I1 Assistant Instructor

Dec-2014 Greg Wong - I1 Assistant Instructor

Dec-2014 Ryan Mears - I2 Assistant Instructor

Dec-2015 Ryan Mears - I3 Instructor

Dec-2015 Ryan Mears - I4 Instructor

Oct- 2016 Greg Wong - I2 Assistant Instructor

J1 Jiujitsu Awards



Member of the Year - Ryan Mears

New Member of the Year - Joshua Abbott

Youth Member of the Year - Grant Liu

Instructor of the Year - Christiaan Buijsers



Member of the Year - Ryan Mears

New Member of the Year - Greg Wong

Sport Fighter of the Year - Mat Barnfather

Youth Member of the Year - Ruby Wangford

Instructor of the Year - Christiaan Buijsers



Member of the Year - Greg Wong

New Member of the Year - Julian Davies

Youth Member of the Year - Nathan du Toit

Instructor of the Year - Christiaan Buijsers



Member of the Year - Alex Ianovski

New Member of the Year - Miles Gunter

Youth Member - Albany - Ethan Sheldon

Youth Member - Onehunga - Jessyna Sinisa

Instructor of the Year - Christiaan Buijsers

Sport Fighter of the Year - Ruby Wangford

Special Award - Grant Liu


2015 (October)

Special Award - Mat Barnfather



Member of the Year - Nigel Flack

New member of the Year - Julie Severin

Youth Member - Albany - Valera Shcherbakov

Youth Member - Onehunga - William Yandall

Instructor of the Year - Will Fielding

Sport Fighter of the Year -Ethan Sheldon

Special Award - Ryan Mears


2016 (October)

Special Award - Ben Fleetwood



Instructor of the Year - Greg Wong
Sports Fighter of the Year - Christiaan Buijsers
Youth Member of the Year (Albany) - Ben Tan

Youth Member of the Year (Onehunga) - Aimee Logan

Parent Supporter Award - Lizzy Wangford
New Member of the Year (Onehunga) - Veronika Shabrina
New Member of the Year (Albany) - Andrew Glushchenko
Member of the Year - Greg Wong


J1 Jiujitsu Sports Black Belt Programme (est July 2016)


Oct-2016 Christiaan Buijsers - Sport Jiujitsu Green (1)

May-2017 Greg Wong - Sports Jiujitsu Green (2)

Jun-2017 Malcolm Ashmore - Sports Jiujitsu Green(3)

Sep-2017 Christiaan Buijsers - Sports Jiujitsu Blue (1)


Full Batsugan


December 2010           Christiaan Buijsers (1)

July 2013                     Christiaan Buijsers (2)

October 2015               Mat Barnfather (3)

December 2015           Ryan Mears (4)

June 2016 Willem van Rijk (5)

October 2016               Ben Fleetwood (6)


Ironman Batsugan