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19 August 2017

Have not been good at keeping the site news up to date. A big update coming.


17 July 2017

Congratulations to Ali Wedgwood on her Advanced White Belt at training tonight.


9 July 2017

Congratulations to Mal Ashmore on his Yellow Belt grading today. Mal started his training at ReAction Martial Arts many years ago, trained with us early on and then had a 6 year break. He has been back for about a year training really hard since then. Well done Mal.


25 June 2017

Congratulation to Josephine Davidson on her Yellow Belt grading today. She is the first person to complete a successful grading from the J1 Kamakura group which was initially based in Waimauku but recently moved to be part of the Kumeu Gym programme.


8 June 2017

Congratulations to Thomas Bryant on his Yellow Belt grading today.

29 May 2017

Congratulations to Greg Wong on his Sport Green "Belt".


28 May 2017

Congratulations to Damien Sheldon on his advanced White Belt grading today.


9 April 2017

Congratulations to all the participants of our Freefighting tournament today. In particular the trophy winners: Haley Shaw who won the Junior trophy and Grant Liu who won the Overall trophy.


Division 1:

1st Ali , 2nd Brooklyn, 3rd Violet, 4th Archer


Division 2:

1st Alex, 2nd Valera, 3rd Anton, 4th e Michael & Steven


(division 3 had a grading round before splitting into 3A and 3B)

Division 3B:

1st Serafine, 2nd Ava, 3rd Damien


Division 3A:

1st Haley, 2nd William, 3rd Troy


Division 4:

1st Grant, 2nd Ethan ... Andrew DNF


26 March 2017

Announcing the winners of our Striking and Freefighting eliminator tournament today.

Striking Champion : Grant Liu

Freefighting Champion : Ben Tan


18 December 2016

Congratulations to Valera Shcherbakov on upgrading to L0 Advanced White Belt today.


15 December 2016

Congratulations to Andrew McPherson who had a surprise grading today for his L1 Yellow Belt.


12 December 2016

Final Award of the 2016 J1 Awards was presented tonight with Aimee Logan receiving her Trophy in Kids class tonight.


12 December 2016

Congratulations to Troy Wilson on upgrading to L0 Advanced White Belt tonight.


11 December 2016

Three more gradings complete a huge weekend at J1 Jiujitsu . Congratulations to Ben Tan on upgrading his L1 Yellow Belt to L2 Advanced Yellow Belt, and Ethan Sheldon + Grant Liu on upgrading their L3 Orange Belts to L4 Advanced Yellow Belts in our Colts class today.


10 December 2016

Today we held out J1 Awards for 2016. Congratulations to the major winners

Instructor of the Year - Greg Wong
Sports Fighter of the Year - Christiaan Buijsers
Youth Member of the Year (Albany) - Ben Tan
Parent Supporter Award - Lizzy Wangford
New Member of the Year (Onehunga) - Veronika Shabrina
New Member of the Year (Albany) - Andrew Glushchenko
Member of the Year - Greg Wong


10 December 2016

Congratulations to Nathan DuToit on his Green Belt Grading today. Our 7th Green Belt at J1 Jiujitsu.


10 December 2016

Congratulations to Wouter DuToit on his Orange Belt Grading today. Our 15th Orange Belt at J1 Jiujitsu.


6 November 2016

Congratulations to Julie Severin on her Yellow Belt grading today. Our 47th Yellow Belt at J1 Jiujitsu.


30 October 2016

Congratulations to Ruby Wangford overall Winner of the Takedown Tournament today, and also to Hayley Shaw on winning the Junior trophy.


Division A
1st Aimee L (Onehunga)
2nd Yusuf B (O)
3rd Damien S (Albany)
4th Valera S (A)


Division B
1st Sophie L (O)
2nd Steven Z (A)
3rd Inhara (O)
4th Peri S (A)


Division C
1st Hayley S (A)
2nd Brooklyn C (O)
3rd Ali W (O)
4th Anton S (O)


Division D
1st Grant L (A)
2nd Ethan S (A)
3rd Andrew M (A)
4th Eva-Rose K (O)


Divison E
1st Ruby W (A)
2nd Ben T(A)
3rd Troy W (O)
4th William Y (O)


Special Combined Division
1st Troy W (O)
2nd Aimee L (O)
3rd William Y (O)
4th Eva-Rose K (O)


Fighter of the Day : Hayley S
Best Sportsmanship : Ruby W
Little Lion: Steven Z


Junior Champion: Hayley Shaw
Overall Champion: Rugby Wangford


Onehunga vs Albany : 26 vs 27 (Albany wins by 1 point)


16 October 2016


Congratulations to Ben Tan overall Winner of the Grappling Tournament today, and also to Chayton Dales on winning the Junior trophy.


Full Results of the Grappling Tournament below




Division A:
1st Valera S - [Albany]
2nd Ali W - [Onehunga]
3rd Peri S - [A]
4th Brooklyn C - [A}


Division B:
1st Alex F - [O]
2nd Steven Z - [A]
3rd Sophie L - [O]
4e Damien S - [A]
4e Michael F - [A]


Division C:
1st William Y - [O]
2nd Serafine S [A]
3rd Troy W - [O]
4th Haley S - [A]


Division D:
1st Chayton D - [A]
2nd Aimee L - [O]
3rd Eva [O]


Division E:
1st Ethan S - [A]
2nd Ruby W - [A}
3rd Tamsin D - [A]


Division F:
1st Ben T - [A]
2nd Grant L -[A]
3rd Andrew M -[A]



Overall Winner: Ben T -[A]
Junior Winner: Chayton D - [A]
Second Overall : Ethan S - [A]


Top 4:
Chayton D - [A] & Alex F- [O]


Top 8:
Valera S - [A], Aimee L - [A], William Y - [O], Grant L [A]


Little Lion : Alex F [O]
Best Sportsmanship: Ruby W [A]
Fighter of the Day : Aimee L [O]



Onehunga vs Albany : 18 vs 37 (Albany wins by 19)


3 October 2016

Congratulations to Greg Wong on his promotion to Purple Belt tonight. He is the second member of our club to reach this level. Well done Greg



3 October 2016

Congratulations to William Yandall on his promotion to Advanced White belt today.


2 October 2016

Our Annual J1 awards are usually in December, but around this time last year Ben organised a surprise Batsugan for Mat, he then forgot to show up for it. Today Mat returned the favour in organising a surprise Batsugan for Ben (he showed up for it too). Recognising 7 years at J1 Jiujitsu ... well done Ben Fleetwood - Special Award 2016. This was our 6th full Batsugan.


2 October 2016

Congratulations to Christiaan Buijsers on completing the requirements of the first step in our new Sport Jiujitsu Black Belt programme, and after a Batsugan was awarded our first Sport Jiujitsu Green Belt.


5 June 2016

Congratulations to Willem van Rijk on completing our 5th Full Batsugan at our club. We wish him well as he leaves 2 weeks today to begin a new life in Canada ... eh.


5 May 2016

Congratulations to Simon Capes who was awarded his Yellow Belt today.


20 April 2016

Congratulations to Leon Nicholson who was awarded his Yellow Belt today.


13 March 2016

Super Sunday 1 / 2016 , was held today. This consisted of a Fundraising Tournament for Ruby Wangford for her trip with Habitat for Humanity and classes taught by Ben Reay Sensei (teaching Olivecrona Jiujitsu), Tony White (Sharing TKD) and Christiaan Sensei (focussing on Armbars) for the Adults.


The results of the tournament were as follows:


Division A

1st Valera S (A-lbany)
2nd Thanvi N (O-nehunga)
3rd Charlie D (O)
4th Brooklyn C (O)
Division B
1st Aimee L (O)
2nd Serafine S (A)
3rd William Y (O)
4th Troy W (O)
Division C
1st Alex F (O)
2nd Yusuf B (O)
3rd equal Stephan Z (O)
3rd equal Ali W (O)
5th Anton E (O)
Division D
1st Ethan S (A)
2nd Chayton D (A)
3rd Leon N (O)
Division E
1st Tamsin D (A)
2nd Amelia D (O)
3rd Eva K (O)
Division F
1st Sophie L (O)
2nd Mustafa E (O)
3rd Michael F (A)
4th Damien S (A)
Division G
1st Grant L (A)
2nd Ben T (A)
3rd Andrew M (A)
4th Tristram B (ReAction Martial Arts)
Special Awards
Fighter of the Day - Tamsin D
Little Lion - Sophie L
Sportsmanship Award - Grant Liu
Overall Placings
1st Grant Liu (A)
2nd Ethan S (A)
3rd equal Sophie L (O)
3rd equal Aimee L (O)


19 December 2015

Congratulations to Ryan Mears on his promotion first to Brown Belt , and then 50 minutes later after a Batsugan to Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt). This is the first home-grown Brown and Black belts awarded at the club so an amazing achievement and landmark in the club's history.


That evening we also had our annual J1 Awards. This is when we recognise the achievements of members over the year.


Special Award - Ryan Mears


Instructor of the Year - Will Fielding

Sports Fighter of the Year - Ethan Sheldon

New Member of the Year - Julie Severin

Member of the Year - Nigel Flack


Well done to all the winners.



14 December 2015

Congratulations to William Yandall on winning the 2015 Kids Trophy at the Onehunga dojo for the year.


13 December 2015

Congratulations to Valera Shcherbakov on winning the 2015 Kids Trophy at the Albany dojo for the year.


15 October 2015

Congratulations to Juno Wangford on her Advanced Yellow Belt tonight in the Colts class.


4 October 2015

Results from our Super Sunday 3 Kids Grappling Tournament today


Division 1:
1st Alex F (O-Onehunga)
2nd Nijel P (O)
3rd Valera S (A -Albany)
4e Ali W (O)
4e Sophie L (O)


1st William Y (O)
2nd Aimee L (O)
3rd Eva K (O)
4th Troy W (O)


Division 3
1st Ethan S (A)
2nd Chayton D (A)
3rd Tamsin D (A)
4e Elizabeth P (O)
4e Leon N (O)


Division 4
1st Ruby W (A)
2nd Grant L (A)
3rd Ben T (A)
4th Juno W (A)


1st Ruby W (A)
2nd Grant L (A)
3e Ben T (A)
3e Juno W (A)
5e William Y (O)
5e Tamsin D (O)
5e Chayton D (O)
5e Ethan S (O)



Little Lion award - Sophie L (O)
Fighter of the Day - William Y (O)
Best Sportsmanship - Ruby W (A)


20 September 2015

2258 days ago Ben Fleetwood and Mat Barnfather attended their first session at J1 Jiujitsu (it was our second adult class ever). Today they tested for Blue Belt together (as eachother's Uke and passed with flying colours). Well done guys.


13 September 2015

Congratulations to James MacKay who put in an awesome performance today at his Yellow Belt grading. We have had to postpone this grading three times due to injury and other commitments but he got here in the end, and in style with an almost flawless performance.



8 September 2015

Every so often you get to do something special for the first time. Tonight on roughly (give or take a few days) the 6 year anniversary of Alex Ianovski joining our club I had the honour to present him our very first Grey Belt. The Grey belt represents a grade between Green Belt and Black Belt for those of our members who are working on a personal syllabus within either our Combative or Recreational pathway (as opposed to the Traditional pathway ) towards their Shodan Black Belt (non-teaching) . Congratulations Alex! Thank you for all you have contributed to the J1 Jiujitsu community over these last 6 years and we look forward to supporting you as you continue on your Jiujitsu journey. You are our Pioneer!


28 August 2015

Congratulations to Ethan Sheldon on winning the ReAction Martial Arts "Survivor" Grappling tournament today in Avondale.


16 July 2015

Congratulations to Nathan DuToit who is our first member to upgrade his Junior Orange Belt to the full Adult grade via Batsugan today. The transition from kids class to adults class is very challenging but Nathan is doing really well.


4 June 2015

Congratulations to Wouter DuToit and Nigel Flack who did a dual grading today at Albany and both received their Yellow Belts. Special mention to the DuToit family, with 3 members of the family graded in J1 Jiujitsu.


26 April 2015

Today was Super Sunday 1 for 2015. The largest kids tournament to date including members from both J1/Evolution in Albany and J1/Kaizen in Onehunga and our good friends from ReAction Martial Arts in Avondale also sent a strong team.


Adults also had their traditional Super Sunday 4 hour class combining our talents with sessions run by Ryan (escapes from Cross Mount), Greg W (striking) , Will (Filipino Hubid blending with Jiujitsu) and Christiaan (Leg locks).


Tournament results as follows:


A= J1/ Evolution Albany
O= J1/Kaizen Onehunga
R= ReAction Martial Arts Avondale


Division 1
1st - Nicholas T (O)
2nd- Alex F(O)
3rd - Valera S (A)
4th - Daney M (A)


Division 2
1st - Devon S (O)
2nd- Vinn W (R)
3rd - Michael F (A)
4e - Damien S (A)
4e - Anton E (O)


Division 3
1st- Serafine S (A)
2nd- Braden B (R)
3rd- Spike M (O)
4th - Michael S (R)


Division 4
1st - Thomas B(A)
2nd- Asher M (A)
3rd - Johan S (O)
4e - Lile S (O)
4e - William Y(O)


Division 5
1st - Ethan S (A)
2nd- Clayton F (R)
3rd- William S (R)
4e - Chayton D (A)
4e - Bejamin M (O)


Division 6
1st - Tristram B (R)
2nd - Juno W(A)
3rd - Riley M (A)
4e - Ben O (A)
4e - Tamsin D (A)


Division 7
1e - Grant L (A)
1e - Ben T (A)
1e - Jessyna S (A)
due to time restraint we were unable to do a tiebreaker


Division 8
1st - Ruby W (A)
2nd - Phaedra C (A)
3rd - Tayo DT (A)


Special Awards
Little Lion = Juno W (A)
Sportsmanship = Valera S (A)
Fighter of the Day = Ruby W (A)


A big thank you to the parent helpers and also special mention to Will, Ryan and Simon who cornered the whole morning and then did 4 hours of Jiujitsu themselves. Good effort gentlemen.


30 March 2015

Today we hosted our good friends from the Institute of Aikido Auckland at the Onehunga Dojo. We had sessions hosted by Greg W, Will and Christiaan. J1 and IOAA have been doing exchange visits for around 6 years now and they are always well attended. Training with other Martial Artists makes you a better Martial Artist.


29 March 2015

Congratulations to Ben Tan on his Yellow belt and Paul McNiff on his Green Belt today.


26 February 2015

Congratulations to Rielly Matrix and Ruby Wangford on their gradings today. Rielly got her Yellow Belt and Ruby her Orange Belt. (photos to follow)


21 December 2014

Congratulations to Greg Wong on his Blue Belt and Ryan Mears on his Purple Belt today.


20 December 2014

Today we held the fourth annual J1 Awards recognising performance of our members for 2014.


The awards were handed out as follows:


Member of the Year : Alex Ianovski

New Member of the Year : Miles Gunter

Sportsfighter of the Year : Ruby Wangford


Youth Member of the Year (Albany) : Ethan Sheldon

Youth Member of the Year (Onehunga) : Jessyna Sinisa


Instructor of the Year : Christiaan Buijsers


Special Awards: Grant Liu


15 December 2014

Congratulations to Nicola Austin on her Yellow Belt grading today


7 December 2014

Congratulation to Ethan Sheldon on his Orange Belt grading today.


16 October 2014

Congratulations to Rafi Headifen on his Yellow Belt grading today.




5 October 2014

Congratulation to Ruby Wangford on winning the overall championship at the Super Sunday Grappling Tournament.


The full results are as follows:

= ReAction Martial Arts Avondale, = J1/Kaizen Onehunga, = J1/Evolution Albany


Division 1
1- Braden B
2- Devon S
3- Torrin S

Division 2
1-Troy W
2- Nye J

3- Kain C

Division 3
1- Christopher B
2- Riley M
3- William S

Division 4
1- Ruby W
2- Nathan DT
3- Grant L

Division 5
1- Juno W
2- Tristram B
3- Christiaan S

Division 6
1- Ethan S
2- Lile S
3- Thomas Bryant

1- Ruby W
2- Nathan DT
3= Grant L
3= Jessyna S
5= Juno W
5= Tayo DT
5= Ben T
5= Christopher B

Other awards
Little Lion : Devon S
Little Dragon : Jessyna S
Sportsmanship Award : William S


2 October 2014

Congratulation to Nathan DuToit on his successful Orange Belt grading today.


29 September 2014

Congratulations to David Bentham who received his Yellow Belt today.


18 July 2014

Congratulations to Jessyna Sinisa on her Yellow Belt today. Jessyna is the first 100% Onehunga Club kids class Yellow Belt.


13 July 2014

Today we had our second "Super Sunday" of the year. Big thank you to our guest instructors today Ben Reay Sensei (from ReAction Martial Arts), Ben Fleetwood and Pete "Hogan" Hodkinson (Wellington)


22 June 2014

Congratulations to Grant Liu on his Orange Belt, and Kathy Fung on her Yellow Belt today.


1 June 2014

Today we launched our new Jiujitsu Sport Black Belt programme. Official sports matches will count towards our honourary Sport Black Belt (up to 4th degree).


28 April 2014

Congratulations to Tyler Buysers on his Yellow Belt via Batsugan today.


27 April 2014

A very successful Super Sunday today. In the morning we had a Kids tournament with participants from ReAction Martial Arts (Avondale) and kids from Onehunga and Albany clubs. In the afternoon we had a joint training between the adults of the J1 Jiujitsu clubs with 3 in-house instructors. Fantastic day


Tournament results :

Kids Tournament Results ([O]- J1/Kaizen Onehunga, [A] - J1/Evolution Albany, [R] - ReAction Martial Arts Avondale )

Division 1
1 Troy [O]
2 Michael [A]
3 Torrin [R]
4 Daney [A]

Division 2
1 Braden [R]
2 Casper [R]
3 Asher [A]
4 Louis [O]

Division 3
1 William [R]
2 Ethan [A]
3 Luka [R]
4 Lille [O]

Division 4
1 Christopher [A/O]
2 Nick [O]
3 Reily [A]
4 Clio [R]

Division 5
1 Afzeer [R]
2 Tyler [A/O]
3 Tistram [R]
4 Christiaan [O]

Division 6
1 Jordan [A]
2 Tayo [A]
3 Grant [A]
4 Jessyna [O]

Division 7
1 Nathan [A]
2 Matthew [A]
3 Ruby [A]
4 Rafi [A]

Division 8
1 Afzeer* [R]
2 Anna [O]
3 Juno [A]



13 April 2014

Congratulations to Juno Wangford and Tayo DuToit on their Yellow Belts via Batsugan today.


25 March 2014

Unfortunately due to lack of consistent attendance the Waimauku club's regular sessions are now replaced with Private training by arrangement. Those interested in participating in training in these sessions (previous members, members from the other clubs or new beginners wanting to get started) should make contact and book directly. We will look at organising a new beginner's course for this location in the future, please email in to register your interest.


16 March 2014

Congratulations to Greg Harper on his Yellow Belt and Alex Ianovski on his Green Belt today. Also we ratified Will Fielding's 2nd Dan Black Belt (from the UK) - he has been training as a White Belt for the last few years but from now on he will wear his Black Belt at training.


2 March 2014

Congratulations on Ben Fleetwood on grading to Green Belt today. The fourth member of J1 Jiujitsu to pass this milestone.


27 February 2014

New Kids Beginners and New Beginnings class pitched at those 7 - 10 years old announced launching on Tuesday March 10 at 5.30pm. Check out the Kids Beginner's tab for more information.


12 February 2014

Monday classes are now full at Onehunga and unable to take Beginners. New beginners both Kids and Adults will need to commit to a 6 week period of training exclusively on Friday classes at this time before being able to go between classes.


1 February 2014

Our beginner's courses have now kicked off.


28 January 2014

Until further notice Sunday night classes at J1/Kamakura Waimauku have been suspended due to lack of attendance. Wednesday will continue normally until demand for Sundays is restored (probably when the weather starts getting worse).


20 January 2014

Normal Classes are back under way for all clubs with Tuesdays at Albany beginnng in February.


30 December 2013

Please check out the Beginner's courses commencing 27 January at all 3 venues. Also our new timetable is now listed on the front page (please not this is not in effect until February).


21 December 2013

J1 Awards tonight. Winners were Greg Wong for Member of the Year, Julian Davies for New Member of the Year and Christiaan Buijsers for Instructor of the Year.


16 December 2013

Congratulations to Wayne Knox on his Yellow Belt tonight. It was a sauna at the dojo and it was a massive effort to get through it tonight. Well done.


15 December 2013

Super Sunday was incredible. Congratulations to Christopher Buysers (Yellow Belt), Nick Herd (Yellow Belt) and Pete Hodkinson (Blue Belt) all via Batsugan. Unfortunately Alex was unable to complete his Batsugan for Green Belt due to an injury and quick trip to the A&E so we wish him all the best for a speedy recovery. Thanks to all those who attended, and to the guest instructors Ryan and Pete. *more photos to come on the Facebook page*


9 December 2013

Congratulations to Darren Bass on his Yellow Belt today.



8 December 2013

Congratulations to Nathan du Toit on his Yellow Belt today, and also on picking up the Youth Member of the Year 2013 award at the J1 Awards.


10 November 2013

Private training today in Melbourne. 3 Black Belts, 5 Countries represented on the mat. Lots of really positive sharing of ideas . This Melbourne trip has been really awesome and looking forward to the next International opportunity.


9 November 2013

Today Christiaan and Ryan participated in the Melbourne Fight for Life , Martial Arts seminars in Melbourne. This is a fundraiser for the Victoria Cancer Society. Top instructors from around Australia gathered to share their knowledge, including the one and only Richard Norton, who we were lucky enough to train with. Very proud to have 2x J1ers as the  representatives of New Zealand at this prestigious international event.




7 November 2013

Today Christiaan taught a seminar at the RMIT University WTF Taekwondo club in Melbourne, Australia. The session blended Jiujitsu principles with the tools Taekwondo students naturally use and was very well received. After the session the club awarded Christiaan honorary membership and provided him with an official certificate from the University and a RMIT University WTF Taekwondo Gi as a souvenir of the occasion. Also in attendance were fellow J1er Ryan Mears and Sensei Daniel Turner a good friend of J1 Jiujitsu based in Melbourne.


5 Nov 2013

Congratulations to Greg Wong on his Green Belt today via Technical Grading.


2 Nov 2013

This week Christiaan and Ryan will be heading over to Melbourne to participate in the  Fight for Life Martial Arts Seminars. For information on the next FFL in NZ event , visit this website. A big thank you to Mat for looking after the Albany adults classes and Greg for looking after the Onehunga adults classes. Unfortunately there will be no kids classes from Thu 7 - Wed 13 November however. All the best to Christiaan and Ryan for their trip.


20 Oct 2013

Congratulations to Mei Hong Yong on her Yellow Belt today, awarded after a Batsugan grading.



12 Oct 2013

A big thank you to Kyle Tan from CORE MMA in Hamilton and all the participants at today's fundraising seminar held at J1/Evolution. Kyle is off to America for a training holiday and we wish him all the best.



10 Oct 2013

Founder and Head Instructor Christiaan Buijsers was awarded his Black Belt (Nidan) by Shihan Sten Olivecrona in Dunedin today. A huge thank you to the support and friendship that Shihan Olivecrona and Christiaan's original instructor Sensei Ben Reay have given over the years.



29 Sep 2013

Congratulations to Ryan Mears for completing the requirements of his Blue Belt today, the first in the history of the club. He also received his Assistant Instructor Licence today.



25 Sep 2013

New Beginner's classes are now underway, plus we have opened our third club. J1/Kamakura in Waimauku.


28 Aug 2013

New Beginner's courses for Waimauku is confirmed, launch date for the new club is 25 September 2013 at the Waimauku Hall (on Waimauku Station Road).


27 Aug 2013

New Beginner's courses announced on this site commencing 23 September. In Onehunga, Albany, Waimauku and Warkworth.


21 Jun 2013

Announcing a new Hanbō class from 3pm - 4pm Sundays at Albany Dojo. This class is free for all J1 Jiujitsu members 16yrs+ who have attended any other paid class on the day, or $5 per session if not. Talk to Christiaan if you need more information.


9 Jun 2013


Congratulations to Ethan Sheldon our 23rd Yellow Belt


2 Jun 2013


Congratulations to Ruby Wangford our 22nd Yellow Belt


26 May 2013


Congratulations to Jordan Williams our 21st Yellow Belt.


30 Dec 2012

Congratulations to Mat "Uchibarny" Barnfather on picking up his Green Belt today.


22 Dec 2012

An excellent turnout for our Christmas function and end of year awards. Winners of the Awards as follows:


Youth Member of the Year - Ruby Wangford (Evolution)


New Member of the Year - Greg Wong (Kaizen)

Sports Fighter of the Year - Mat Barnfather (Evolution)

Member of the Year - Ryan Mears (Evolution)


Instructor of the Year - Christiaan Buijsers


10 Dec 2012

Our third club J1 Kamakura (Waimauku) is expected to launch in February 2013. Please get into contact if you would like more information.


9 Dec 2012

J1/Evolution Provisional Calendar for 2013

6 January - First Session Adults

17 January - First Session Kids

27 January - Normal Training (Auckland Anniversary Weekend)

31 March - No training (Easter Sunday)

2 June - Normal training (Queens Birthday Weekend)

27 September to 4 October - Possibly No training (to be confirmed closer to the date)

27 October - Normal training (Labour Weekend)

15 December - Last training Kids

22 December - Last training Adults


29 Nov 2012

New Adult beginner's course will be launching in February. Contact us if you want more information or check out the Beginner's tab above when it is active.


26 Nov 2012

Christmas and New Years dates.

J1/Kaizen (Onehunga)- last class

  • Kids : 14 December
  • Adults : 17 December


J1/Evolution (Albany) - last class

  • Kids : 16 December
  • Adults: 20 December*


Adult timetable at both clubs resume 6 January and Kids  timetable 14 January.


*There workshop from 10.00 - 11.30 for Adults who are suffering withdrawal symptoms at Albany open to members from both clubs.


13 Nov 2012

J1/Kaizen (Onehunga) Provisional Calendar for 2013


7 January - First Session Adults

14 January - First Session Kids

28 January - No training (Auckland Anniversary Day)

15 March - No training

29 March - No traning (Good Friday)

1 April - No training (Easter Monday)

3 June - No training (Queens Birthday)

27 September to 4 October - No training

28 October - No training (Labour Day)

13 December - Last training Kids

20 December - Last training Adults


Training will be on Mondays and Fridays, 5.30 Kids, 6.15 Adults except those listed above.


13 Nov 2012

Welcome back to Joshua, Ryan and Christiaan who have been participating in the Fight for Life Seminars in Melbourne over the weekend. Made a lot of contacts and learnt a great deal and will be bring back knowledge to the club over the next few sessions.


28 Oct 2012

Congratulations to Greg Wong and Simon Fox for picking up their Orange Belts today via a double grading.


19 Oct 2012

Yesterday a J1 Jiujitsu member was randomly attacked and kept himself safe in Auckland using our techniques and strategies. It is moments like this that remind us of the reason we teach and train. The police attended the incident and will now face assault charges in court next week.


15 Oct 2012

Just a big thank you to Greg Wong, Ryan Mears and Joshua Abbott for looking after classes while Christiaan was away in Japan and Taiwan.


3 Oct 2012

Congratulations to Peter Aye from J1/Kaizen club and his wife Sarah on the birth of their baby boy Jacob, from the whole J1 Jiujitsu family.


30 Sep 2012

Fight for Life 2012 was a big success, raising $770 for the New Zealand Cancer Society. For more information visit the Fight for Life website . A number of J1 members are heading over to Melbourne for the big event over there. It is not too late to get involved.


28 Sep 2012

A big thank you to Kyoshi Kevin and Renshi Leanne Walsh from Australia who came to the Albany club last night to share their knowledge with us. We learned a great deal and looking forward to Auckland Fight For Life 2012 and learning even more.


24 Sep 2012

Congratulations to Joseph Lindsay and Peter Aye for picking up their Yellow Belts today via a double grading.


19 Sep 2012

Timetable change up coming school holidays:

J1/Kaizen - Onehunga (no kids classes from 28 Sep - 12 Oct inclusive)

J1/Evolution - Albany (no kids classes on October 4 and 11)


6 Sep 2012

Congratulations to George Ianovski for picking up his Yellow Belt via Batsugan tonight. George is off overseas shortly and we wish him all the best on his new adventure.


20 Aug 2012

The Onehunga club launched our beginner's class today and it was a great first session. Thank you to all those who attended.


8 Aug 2012

Sad news of the passing of Kyoshi Wendy Carroll yesterday in Australia. Our condolensces to her family and friends.


10 Jul 2012

Today attended a session at the Institute of Aikido Auckland hosted by Dunken Francis Sensei. This session was well attended by members of J1/Evolution, but also J1/Kaizen and of course our friends at the Institute of Aikido, plus special guests Jujutsu Senseis Paul Lemar and Jules Robson. It was an Aikido session and we are looking forward to the return leg of this annual event where the Aikido-ka's come to us to do some JJ.


18 Jun 2012

Today we had our first Kids class at J1/Kaizen in Onehunga. 5 Kids at the first class was a great start. The classes are 5.30pm Mondays and Fridays.


27 May 2012

Congratulations to Joshua Abbott on his successful Orange Belt grading today at J1 Jiujitsu


10 May 2012

Pleased to announce that J1/Kaizen Jiujitsu in Onehunga will be launching Kids classes

starting June 18, 2012. The session times will be 5.30pm Mondays and Fridays.


14 Apr 2012

Congratulations to Mat Barnfather for Gold in the X-Division at the NZFF competition today.

Also "Hacksaw" Brett Celliers and Simon "TAG" Fox for their silver medals in their divisions.


25 Mar 2012

Congratulations to Ryan Mears for picking up our first Green Belt at J1 Jiujitsu today.


22 Feb 2012

NZFF tournament details can be found here for the April 14, 2012 tournament.


20 Feb 2012

New website launched.


14 Feb 2012

Christiaan has been appointed the organiser of the New Zealand edition of the Fight for Life Seminars 2012, this will be on the 29th and 30th of September (In Silverdale) and part of a global event with Martial Artists from a variety of different styles and places coming together to fundraise in the fight against Cancer. Find out more information here.